Site Design

Blue Esoteric offers website design and management to agencies on an as needed basis for a great price. We can create sites of any styles from scratch using a number of server and client side technologies. We can also develop a WordPress site that is easily manageable by your staff after deployment or we can do the management for you! Our flexibility can match your needs, so take a look at what we can offer and drop us a line! Our goal is to get EMS and healthcare services up-to-par technologically without breaking the bank, so talk to us about your needs and your capabilities and we can help you get to your goal so that your money can be well spent on the patients and healthcare professionals within your organization!

Quick and Easy
This type of site uses WordPress, a content management system. We will customize the entire site to your specifications (if you have any), assist or complete deployment of the site to your hosting provider, and teach your staff how to maintain the site. 
Site Maintenance
All websites need some level of continuous maintenance, whether it's monitoring analytics (how users interact with your site) or updating designs and content. We can help you customize and update your sites to a modern look and feel quickly, easily, and most low cost! We can provide regular monitoring or your site including social interactions, site analytics, and content generation while monitoring your site for inconsistent information or out-of-date designs or technologies.
Custom Web Application
Have a specific idea you need implemented on your site more than just content or information presentation? Interactive systems on a web page are known as web apps. Some web apps can be operated solely within the user's browser while other web apps need to communicate back to the server to process or retrieve information. In either care, we can help you make this idea real! Let us know what you're thinking of creating, and we can help you make it happen! We use technologies like GWT, Java, and PHP to make sure that web apps can run on any browser or server as needed. We can customize and help you resolve issues with your web apps as technology changes and as your users need new features. 
Whatever your needs are, no two agencies ever really have to look identical. Every agency has it's own flavor and feel that is reflected by the people who work there and by the people they reach. Let us help you design a system that reflects that. Contact us today!
Check back soon to use our online quote calculator to see how much it would cost to design your site!