Fleet Management

Keeping up with maintenance issues for fleet vehicles and equipment can be a real hassle when your trying to focus your effort and resources on customer service and patient care. Easy to use systems can be very high cost and therefore out of financial reach for so many essential services that could save if they could easily track these issues.

Our Fleet Management solution is intended to simplify the hassle's or issue reporting and tracking, maintaining adequate logs, and easily notifying interested parties of their status. The goal of our system is to provide a fully-featured solution at a sufficiently low enough cost that any and every agency has the opportunity to create a more efficient environment for the personnel to provide quality care and service to our communities. 
Current Status
In Development. We are collecting data and statistics to create a model of service that remains sufficiently low cost while offering all the needed features for agencies around the country. This system will be a hosted service available on the web. Please feel free to give us your feedback in this survey and include your e-mail in the survey if you would like to Alpha/Beta test with us. Update: Alpha testing of this service has been delayed to late Spring 2015 and deployment of this service in Q4 of 2015. Basic service structure has been developed, and we are now working on UI's for the web/mobile web (any mobile device running a modern browser such as Chrome or Firefox) and Android (as a native application).
Future Goal
We are intending to offer a web-hosted solution with the following features (just to start):
  • Issue reporting from mobile devices (Android and Mobile Web)
  • Vehicle Checkout - Create custom inventories and have supervisors receive immediate notifications of a truck checkout is missing critical items (Android and Web/Mobile Web)
  • Maintenance Logs - Easily enter and track maintenance events such as oil change, tire-replacement, etc. by any authorized personnel (Android and Web/Mobile Web)
  • Log Trending - As more data accumulates, let the system track recurrent issues through your fleet, or just within a given division or vehicle (Web Only)
  • Notification - Get immediate notifications for critical maintenance issues from the field or allow field personnel to simply monitor submitted issues for resolution (Android only)
  • Workflows - Create a workflow for vehicles to complete during project upgrades across multiple departments (IT, Installation, Testing, Training) (Web Only)
This system will be the first module to be deployed of a much larger suite of services we are intending to design for the emergency services community. We are planning on scheduling & personnel management (certifications/training/documentation) modules in the next 12 months. Please feel free to subscribe to our announcements to keep track of changes and updates to our services.
We're always looking for feedback on what features your service really wants to utilize. Please contact us with any suggestions or questions!