The Google Code (see new GitHub home) hosted GWT-SyncProxy project was originally developed in March of 2010 to provide synchronous access to GWT RPC methods. GWT is an open source programming tool used to help developers create rich web-based, client side interfaces. Since 2007, many of Blue Esoteric's web services did and currently do utilize GWT to create a web-based interface. When we expanded our services to include Android applications, we needed to find a proper way to communicate with these web services without duplicating code (and work) on the back-end servers. GWT-SyncProxy gave us that option. However, by 2013, when we found the project, it had been relatively abandoned (as are many open source projects). Seeing the potential, we updated the initial code-base (with permission of the primary developer at the time) to create a functional Android library that could call into back end GWT services using GWT-RPC

Having lost contact with the primary developer, we were able to petition Google Code's team to give us primary access to the project. So in Feb 2014, we took over management of the project and have kept it up to date and upgraded it's systems. Since we utilize this system internally and with our public apps, it is in our best interest to continue it's development while we welcome other developer's to join us. We will also be putting out content information useful case scenario's and use cases for the project in our Blog. These articles will help to supplement the primary wiki documents on the project's site. Additionally, since Google Code's services don't provide a useful mechanism for providing updates to reader's, we'll often announce new releases to the project core as part of our communications.

Google Code Sunset

As of March 2015, Google is putting Google Code into Sunset ( Since we have been hosting the GWT-SyncProxy project on Google Code, have moved the code base over to GitHub as it's future home. Please see this project at it's new GitHub home: