Blue Elf Android (BEA) Library

This is an Android library designed to help developers implement and test databases. However, this is not an ORM library. There are plenty of Android ORM libraries out there. In many cases, a full ORM system is not needed for some simple apps. Yet even those apps could benefit from some organized library approach. The approach designed in the BEA Library is something we've used internally for our apps and after seeing it make things easier, we decided to clean it up and make it available to the community. Every developer has their own preferences in how they work with a language, and this library reflects our preferences, so don't be surprised if it's not quite your flavor.

BEA works heavily with Enum's as the basic design component for the databases and data communications due to it's inherent abilities for type-safety (over a more flexible final static CONSTANT approach). It provides a custom set of augmenting classes for Cursors, SQLiteDBHelper, TestCase's, ContentProvider's, etc. It also build's heavily on Java Generics to provide more flexibility in subclassed customization of the provided classes, so there is a significant ability to modify functionality while leveraging the other features. In it's release version (0.1), it has a relatively narrow focus of functionality , specifically reflecting the use cases for our internal apps. We hope that by making it available to the community, it's abilities can be enhanced for more developer's needs. In the coming days/weeks, we'll be putting together some documentation on the library's usage and make some examples of it's usage available on this page. As soon as we've cleaned it up, it'll be made available as Apache 2.0 licensed project on Google Code or GitHub (we haven't decided yet). If you'd like some additional information about this library, send us an e-mail (