IP Cam Viewer Remote Control

App Summary: 

IP Cam Viewer is an app developed by Hit-Mob. As of April 2014, they released and API that allows remote controlling the settings and displays of the app in order to increase functionality and flexibility of that app. This Remote Control app leverages that API (and future additions to that API) to make the API available in an easy to use app and also exposes the API features to Tasker. Tasker is a powerful automation app, that can leverage a multitude of conditions and act on those conditions. This app includes a plugin that is easily selectable within Tasker.


This app exposes the following APIs (see this post) through the Remote Control UI (Bold Items are available through the Tasker Plugin as well):

Version 0.8

  • Record Mode APIs: Motion Detection Enable/Disable (available as of version 0.5)
  • Camera DB APIs: List All, List Enabled, Get Info, DeleteEnable/DisableRename (available as of version 0.5)
  • App Info APIs: Name, Version, and Version Code (available as of version 0.5)
  • Gallery View APIs: Select Camera (available as of version 0.5)
  • Group APIs: List and Recall (available as of version 0.8)
  • App State APIs: Current Screen and Goto Screen (available as of version 0.8)
  • Matrix View APIs: Mass Actions for Lights On/Off and Motion On/Off (available as of version 0.8)
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Current Release Date: 
Friday, October 17, 2014