App Summary: 

ElementaList is an Android app currently under development that uses Google Tasks API as a back-end for task management. What makes ElementaList is different from the other task managers out there is it's integration with Android Automation apps such as Tasker. ElementaList is expected to grow into a much more robust service, but at it's core it is all about simplicity and customization. At launch, ElementaList will be a free app with limited functionality, mostly focused on integration with Tasker. There are a number of additional features planned for ElementaList over the next few months, but its beta-version will provide basic task list activation based on any Tasker conditions specified by the user. Please see below for a general timeline for the deployment of this service.


In our Beta version (available around Q2 2015), we expect to have the following limited functionality available:

  • Sync Google Tasks using Google Accounts
  • Serve as a Plugin for Tasker as an Action to trigger Notifications on a single specific task list
    • Will launch a notification in Android's notification tray that provides a quick link to the tasks that are currently due on the specified list
    • This Action can be added to any Tasker Tasks set
  • Will Allow the user to "complete" a task and sync as needed
Release Status: 

In Development